Saturday Apr 30, 2022

Genesis vs. Gabriel (Episode 33)

Between formation in 1967 until 1977, the English progressive rock band Genesis lost a total of eight band members.  By 1977, they were down to three: keyboardist Tony Banks; bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford; and drummer/singer Phil Collins.  These are the three who, in 1977, shot to worldwide superstar status, peaking in 1991 after securing 17 now-classic hits in the interim.  These are the same three musicians who, in March 2022, played their final live performance, thus bringing Genesis to an end after 55 years of on and off and on again existence.

Meanwhile, one of the eight members who departed Genesis in the early years was Peter Gabriel who also had a stellar career, giving the world an impressive number of now-classic hit songs.  In this episode, you will learn which #1 hit by Gabriel knocked a song by Genesis out of the #1 spot on the music charts.  Think about this: An artist knocked his former band out of the #1 spot.  How many times in the history of Rock & Roll has this happened?  Listeners: Exactly once!  Listen up to find out which two songs were involved.

As you will hear in this episode, pundits have long held that music lovers cannot be both a Genesis fan and a Gabriel fan.  The kitchen-sink logic is that you either love Genesis or you love Gabriel.  You cannot love both, because they are diametrically opposed.

In this episode, Team Derringer conducts a countdown of five classic songs.  In so doing, each Derringer reveals whether they prefer Genesis or Gabriel and then they relay their favorite song by their preferred artist.  This takes the four Derringers from #5 to #2 and then for the #1 honor, they call on special listener and recording artist Rose Alaimo from Ithica, New York to reveal whether she prefers Genesis or Gabriel and then to give us her favorite song, which also happens to be the highest streaming song on Spotify by her preferred artist.  Stick around to find out the artist and the song!

Team Derringer also weighs in on whether either artist Jumped the Shark!  And, did they Cross the Rubicon?  Listeners: You are in for a surprise!

In today's Post-Episode Bonus, Team Derringer features recording artist Mats Dernand, counting down some of Derringer Discoveries' favorite songs by the Swedish recording artist.  Listeners will remember Mats from Episode 28 when he received a special shout out.  This time around, Mats gave Derringer Discoveries an exclusive interview.

All of the songs mentioned in this episode can be found on the accompanying Spotify playlist, Genesis vs. Gabriel, including a song by Rose Alaimo and a number of songs by Mats Dernand.  "Liking" the playlist helps Derringer Discoveries.  Streaming the playlist generates royalties payable by Spotify to every artist featured on the playlist.

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